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Pressed for words

So I started this blog back in November with the right intentions-which were to use it as a springboard for ideas in life and to eventually transition my website to a WordPress site.  The problems that I ran into seem to be somewhat common to Wp newbies. The issue being that the blog that I started on WordPress.com is not really the platform that I had envisioned for my website, and that I needed install WordPress the program to manage my content. I had confused myself into thinking that this would be a relatively simple transition, and being relatively saavy with technology felt confident that I could just wing it. This was not the case as I later discovered when I finally was ready to move my content to a new host from my previous- and utulize the full spectrum of WordPress magic. Oh well, you live and you learn. So now I have a hosted WordPress website(www.carlmt.com) with a blog page-and I have my blog(s) here. I’m okay with this set up, and would actually prefer to keep them separate from one another. Anyways, I needed to get this off my chest before my next post just to rationalize the gap in time since my last blog. Here’s to the learning curve….cheers!