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a simple favor with no flavor

What is usually not such a big deal(making a sandwich for my wife for lunch) was as challenging as you might think 16 hours into a water fast.  Not even a moment after Heather asked me if I could make her some lunch, did I begin bracing myself for what was to come.  Holding my breath and speedy preparation was key, but easy it was not.  I found myself practically eating the food with my eyes-but off with the sandwich to my wife and quickly away went all trace of foods from the counter.  I’m approaching mid-day, and my confidence in this fast is growing.

Keto a go-go

So, welcome back to my words on this blog of mine that’s been in hibernation.  Much has transpired since i last typed into the ether via technology, but alas here I am.  I am resuming and excited with a new direction and path to go forward.  Since this past December, I have been experimenting more with the Ketogenic lifestyle(Low carb, moderate protein, high fat), integrating exogenous ketones, and intermittent fasting.  Last night I began a 60 hour fast, and am currently a little over 12 hours into it.  It’s water only, with a few servings of pure therapeutic exogenous ketones throughout the day.  So far doing well, but I know I’m still really early on this.  I’ve done up to an 18 hour previously.  My intention here is to document what I encounter with updated entries.  Thanks for reading if you did, and poo poo to you if you didn’t-but you must’ve if you read that so no hard feelings i guess?

changes to my organic structure

I wish to use this space for the purpose of keeping a daily account of what I notice happening to me as a result of ketosis and intermittent fasting.  I have been experimenting with both ketosis and fasting lately, but am upping the ante and would like to be able to share with others what I am experiencing as a result.  I am also planning to express my thoughts about what I’m learning about along the way in an attempt to become a psuedo blogger with some expertise through experimentation.  So, yaay-hope you enjoy


We build off past experiences, and this sometimes can be a hindrance to developing new habits.  At what point do we reach our limits of what is working and what is not and decide that it’s time for a change?  This is a question I find myself asking on a pretty regular basis, although it often time gets shelved because off past conditioning.  The stubborn nature of this common behavior seems to constantly take me to a cross roads
where I far too often go down easy street instead of the alternative unfamiliar one.  Establishing new learning patterns and habits is one trait that will always require a steadfast commitment and courageous action.  Coming to this realization and affirming it is a step in the right direction, and reminding ourselves that even though different is difficult, the same is lame.

Pressed for words

So I started this blog back in November with the right intentions-which were to use it as a springboard for ideas in life and to eventually transition my website to a WordPress site.  The problems that I ran into seem to be somewhat common to Wp newbies. The issue being that the blog that I started on is not really the platform that I had envisioned for my website, and that I needed install WordPress the program to manage my content. I had confused myself into thinking that this would be a relatively simple transition, and being relatively saavy with technology felt confident that I could just wing it. This was not the case as I later discovered when I finally was ready to move my content to a new host from my previous- and utulize the full spectrum of WordPress magic. Oh well, you live and you learn. So now I have a hosted WordPress website( with a blog page-and I have my blog(s) here. I’m okay with this set up, and would actually prefer to keep them separate from one another. Anyways, I needed to get this off my chest before my next post just to rationalize the gap in time since my last blog. Here’s to the learning curve….cheers!


What is this?

I’ve had this question looping in my mind more lately, and I think it’s been a good question for shaking things up for me.  Life can really root our patterns deeper and deeper, and this to me is becoming more unacceptable when I ask myself “what is this?”, meaning what is this thing that’s playing out right now and causing the same reaction that I’m so familiar with.  Bringing that awareness to any situation is something to celebrate and commit to, and recommit to what it is that is more congruent with values and goals in life.  The instant gratification, and comfort associated to these sticky thoughts just end up clogging progress and stiffling creativity. 

It sounds simple, and should be-but old habits die hard for most of us.  The good news it that the more we bring that awareness to the front of our minds, the better we get at seeing it unfold before our very eyes.  Even if you’re already midway through this reactive pattern before this clarity comes to you, it strengthens your resolve to move in a different direction for the next time.  This is something pretty universal that we are all capable of, and should not be ignored.  A dharma talk that I listen to regularly by Joseph Goldstein comes to mind when he says “It’s already here”.  This is a great reminder and in the moment teaching that is the essense of what we can all uncover on a regular basis.