Keto a go-go

So, welcome back to my words on this blog of mine that’s been in hibernation.  Much has transpired since i last typed into the ether via technology, but alas here I am.  I am resuming and excited with a new direction and path to go forward.  Since this past December, I have been experimenting more with the Ketogenic lifestyle(Low carb, moderate protein, high fat), integrating exogenous ketones, and intermittent fasting.  Last night I began a 60 hour fast, and am currently a little over 12 hours into it.  It’s water only, with a few servings of pure therapeutic exogenous ketones throughout the day.  So far doing well, but I know I’m still really early on this.  I’ve done up to an 18 hour previously.  My intention here is to document what I encounter with updated entries.  Thanks for reading if you did, and poo poo to you if you didn’t-but you must’ve if you read that so no hard feelings i guess?

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