Doubt and Aversion

Another day, another doubt, another aversion.  It’s so cyclical that it often makes us dizzy, but these days for me that dizziness has become somewhat of a flag post with a pretty clear message.  Stop, and investigate why it is that I’m doubting or feeling aversive.  This insight is what I’d like to point out in this brief little blog post here.  My doubt as it relates to my meditation practice and how despite the fact that I’ve seen the fruits of it, I still manage to put other things first far too often.  Doubt in my parenting ability, and how this often spirals into procrastination, which leads to aversion.  Aversion that quickly transmutes into further doubting, and so on…

I made it a point to throw this out there, because I’m determined to reshape this, and return back to the beginning.  These are impermanent mind states that we all have, and the sooner we recognize them for what they are, the sooner we can move forward and closer to freedom.

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